Beneficiary : P. L Exporters.
Banker : International Banking Branch, S. B. B. J. Choura Rasta, Jaipur , India
Account Number : 51025352547

Wire Transfer Information : Please Give This Information To Your Bank:

Please Tele-transmit The Funds In US$ To (Field 54a) HSBC Bank, New York 452 Fifth Avenue, New York U.S.A. Talex-62822, Swift-Mrmdus33, Aba No 021001088, Chips 247679 For Credit To State Bank of Bikaner And Jaipur Ho Ibd Calcutta (Swift-Sbbjinbb001) Account No. 000302520 With Them For Further Credit To (Field59) P. L. Exporters Maintaining A/C (Field 57d) Number 51025352547 With State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur I.B.B. SMS Highway.

Terms And Conditions

Order :
A minimum order of 200 grams in beads & 20 pieces in jewelry per design. We will supply samples only for our frequent customers or new customers who place a minimum order with us.

Payment Term :
All forms of payment required either by irrevocable L/C at sight, cash, bank draft. Personal check or company check are not accepted as they take over 1 month to settle.

For minimum orders of US$ 1,000.-, cash deposit or bank draft of the total amount is required For orders above US $1,001.- to 2,000.- we require 50% deposit.

For order from US $ 2,001 to 5,000.- we require 40 % deposit.

For orders above US $ 5,001 up we require irrevocable L/C at sight or 30% deposit by T/T the fund into P.L.EXPORTERS bank account before commencement of production with the remaining amount to be paid upon receipt of our Performa invoice before delivery payable to beneficiary P. L. Exporters and subject to our bank or by D/P at sight irrevocable L/C at sight depending on the agreement acceptance.

Quality Control :

WE ASSURE FOR 92.5 % of silver in our jewelry & beads. Stones, we ever use genuine stones only.
When the merchandises are ready to be shipped, it is the customer responsible to obtain quality control representative to check the merchandises at supplier office or factory. If customer do not have the representative, supplier could help suggest a representative for our customer on customer expense. If the representative should find any damage products and in the case that supplier have sufficient time supplier will repair the product before sending the parcel. In the event it take too long, supplier will either ship it out partially & send the remaining shipment later with other shipment or leave the remaining out altogether in the case that if the remaining order is too small quantity and not worth the trouble sending unless pre agreed with supplier in written agreement.

Shipment (freight & insurance ) :
We do shipping by all international courier companies with freight collection or prepaid freight facilities  . Goods are sent at buyers risk and insurance has to be arranged by buyer, unless pre arranged and accept by supplier in a written agreement.

There will be custom handling charges depends upon quantity.

Production Period :
Approximate 3 - 6 weeks after receipt confirmation of order and deposit paid into our bank account. However, the period can be changed subject to the volume of each order or any unforeseen circumstance, i.e. shortage of raw materials, etc.

Prices :
All prices are export / whole sale price in US $ net FOB Jaipur, India. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, minimum surcharges may be added in case the price of silver and other raw materials rise significantly or currency fluctuated drastically. We reserve the right to make any changes in our price list without prior notice. Customer is responsible to transfer the entire payment to supplier according to the amount of the invoice and any bank fees should be taken care by the buyers. Customer suppose to take care for the entire payment from the invoice and should take care for all the bank transaction fees without deducted the bank fees from supplier.

Claim and Return of Goods :
NONE OF GOODS WILL ACCEPT BACK TO INDIA [ open box without seals]


Remark :
The ownership of goods remains with P. L. Exporters, 2% or more interest charge per month will be automatically applied on late payments depend on the circumstance. Exclusive customer designs are welcome with minimum orders of 500-1000 GRAMS per style depend on the size & weight of the design.

Since our P. L. Exporter's policy are published in our company web site and we provided majority of our customers with our web site address from our business card and handout of our company term and condition leaflet policy to all our customers, therefore it is our customers duty to inform us in written document of which clause that they would like to edit before the problem arise otherwise this mean that customers understand and accept the condition spell in this agreement term and condition above whether this document are sign or not.

Last edit dated January 1st, 2007.

Krishan Soni (proprietor) P. L. Exporters
Acknowledged by : ___________________________________Customer
Company _____________________________________
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Thank you for doing business with us.

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Do you also manufacture beads & jewelry in gold?
* We also manufacture gold items in 18 kt and 22 kt gold.

2) What's your silver purity?
* Our silver beads purity is 925.

3) What is your minimum in jewelry?
* We manufacture minimum 20 pieces a design in jewelry.

4) What is minimum in Bali Style beads, caps, toggles & other items?
* minimum quantity is 200 grams for silver beads in one design ( all Bali style items).

5) Which countries you are selling your products?
* Our main importing country is USA, we are also selling our goods to CANADA, FRANCE, SPAIN.

6) how do you ship?
* We ship good via many ways, like FedEx, UPS, USPS, EMS Speed post and Air Cargo.

7) Can you manufacture beads in vermeil? if i want bright silver?
* All beads, caps, toggles etc. can be manufacture in :- OXIDIZE, SHINY GOLD VERMEIL, ANTIQUE VERMEIL, BRIGHT WHITE, PINK GOLD VERMEIL

8) How can I order from your company?
* Make a list of the item code of the items your have selected from our catalogue, mention the quantity you are interested in them and mail it to us. we will make a Performa invoice including the total shipping charges and mail back to you within 1 or 2 business days.

9) Do you supply in wholesale?
* Yes we are direct manufacturer of sterling silver beads & jewelry. we supply to wholesalers, resellers, retailers, exhibition participants, shopping retail chains, online retailers, catalogue sales Etc.


 F.A.Q. and policy


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